Times of Mass

The Last Supper

This is just a gentle, but important reminder, to ask you to dress appropriately for Mass and save you embarrassment.


Please do not come to Mass wearing purely beachwear, football tops or t-shirts with inappropriate slogans written on them.


Mass is a formal occasion of celebration and that is shown in the clothes we wear to be part of it.

From 6th May 2018

Sant Ramon Nonat, Salou (postcode 43840)

Sunday Mass (in English/Spanish)      10:30am    

From 5th May 2018

Sant Bartomeu, L'Argentera (postcode 43773)

Saturday Vigil (in Catalan)                   6.30pm

From 5th May 2018

Santa Maria, Duesaigues (postcode 43773)

Saturday Vigil (in Catalan)                   7.45pm

From 5th May 2018

Sant Mateu, Riudecanyes (postcode 43771)

Saturday Vigil Mass (in Catalan)         7.00pm

Thursday Mass (in Catalan)                 11.00am

English Masses are celebrated in the Church of Sant Ramon Nonat, Salou, every Sunday, during the Summer months. Mass times on major feast days will differ from those here.

Just in case there has been a change to the stated time of Sunday Mass, then please click the button below.

Changes of the Times of Masses