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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI spoke about faith and science during his pontificate. In the general audience of 21st November 2012, he mentioned that: “Faith and reason are meant to work together in opening the human mind to God’s truth. By its nature, faith seeks understanding, while the mind’s search for truth finds inspiration, guidance and fulfillment in the encounter with God’s revealed word."


“Far from being in conflict, faith and science go hand in hand in the service of man’s moral advancement and his wise stewardship of creation. The Gospel message of our salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, offers us a true humanism, a ‘grammar’ by which we come to understand the mystery of man and the universe."


The main apostolate of our Community is adult education in the Faith. The project we are involved in at the Theology Faculty of Catalunya is at the service of the New Evangelisation and its attempt to re-engage modern Man in his search for God.


The Course is available in English and is open for registration by new students. Please click on the link below for more information and on how to register for this important and exciting new initiative.

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